$esLSD utilities

$veLSD airdrop(40%) and snapshot
Upon receiving esLSD, users can begin the unlocking process, which linearly occurs at a rate of 1/90 per day. The user can claim the unlocked portions at any time, streamlining the frontend page with just one unlocking-related message. If the user initiates a subsequent unlocking process, the unclaimed portions from the previous period are combined with new releases, and the linear unlocking process begins again. This approach simplifies the end-user experience and provides a convenient way for users to manage their esLSD.

ZAP LP unlock esLSD

To enhance esLSD yield and liquidity, users can switch to LP through Zap. This not only unlocks the linear unlocking process but also provides a Boost index. The Boost index is an essential measure of the user's liquidity provision's impact on the platform, rewarding those who participate in the system the most.
Users can switch to LSD-ETH LP via Zap, where the Locking Rules apply, requiring a minimum of 14 days before withdrawal. However, after 14 days, users can withdraw anytime they want. This flexibility allows users to tailor their investment strategy to their economic goals and preferences, adding value to their overall ETHx experience.

Yield Boost of ZAP

Boost Coefficient
The Boost Coefficient and its related 'Read the Rule' can be found on our page. Clicking 'Read the Rule' will direct users to the Docs section, providing detailed explanations about the Boost Coefficient.
When a user stakes ETHx for Farming, the initial Boost Coefficient is 1, at which point the user's Final APR = Base APR.
Users can enhance their ETHx Farm earnings by providing governance token liquidity. The specific steps are as follows:
  1. 1.
    Users add LSD-ETH liquidity on Uniswap and receive LP tokens.
  2. 2.
    Stake LP tokens on the App. Note: The minimum staking period for LP tokens is 7 days. After 7 days, users can unstake at any time.
After completing these steps, the user's ETHx Farm earnings will increase. The extent of the increase depends on the Boost Coefficient.
The calculation formula for the Boost Coefficient is as follows: Boostfactor=1+10∗Vlp/VETHx
Vlp: The total value of the user's staked LSD-ETH LP tokens
VETHx: The total value of the user's staked ETHx
The maximum Boost Coefficient is 10.
Calculation example:
Suppose the price of ETHx is 1.00ETH
Alice stakes 10 ETHx for Farming, with an initial Boost Coefficient of 1.
Alice adds LSD-ETH liquidity on Uniswap and receives LP tokens, with the LP tokens worth 1 ETH.
Alice stakes the LP tokens.
Alice's Boost Factor will be: 1+10*1/10=2
At this time, Alice will enjoy Farm earnings that are double the Base APR.


Voting Function
Users can use $esLSD to vote on various Gauge Pools. Voting is currently set to occur in rounds every 7 days, with the results influencing the emission rewards for the next round of the Gauge Pool.
Suppose there are 3 Gauge Pools, A, B, and C.
In this round of voting, the 3 Gauge Pools receive a total of 1 million $esLSD votes, of which:
A pool gets 200,000 $esLSD votes, accounting for 20%;
B pool gets 300,000 $esLSD votes, accounting for 30%;
C pool gets 500,000 $esLSD votes, accounting for 50%.
If the protocol plans to emit a total of 2 million $esLSD to the 3 Gauge Pools in the next round, then the pools will distribute emission rewards according to the above voting proportions:
A pool will distribute 400,000 $esLSD Farm emissions in the next round;
B pool will distribute 600,000 $esLSD Farm emissions in the next round;
C pool will distribute 1,000,000 $esLSD Farm emissions in the next round.
User Voting:
  1. 1.
    The end time of each voting round will be displayed on the App, and users need to complete their voting before the end of each round.
  1. 1.
    The $esLSD held by the user represents voting rights. Enter the number of votes in the dialog box, click Vote, and sign to complete the voting.
  2. 2.
    Users can use the Voting Reset function at any time to cancel the previous number of votes and re-vote.
  3. 3.
    After each round ends, users will receive Bribes rewards according to their proportion of votes in the voting pool.
  4. 4.
    Users can vote for multiple pools simultaneously.
  5. 5.
    Votes are not automatically retrieved after each round ends. Users must manually retrieve them. If not retrieved, votes will continue to count towards the current pool in the next round.
Alice votes 100 $esLSD for pool A, and pool A's Bribe reward is 1,000 ETH.
Bob votes 1,000 $esLSD for pool B, accounting for 10% of the total votes in pool B, and pool B's Bribe reward is 10 BTC.
At the end of voting:
Alice accounts for 1% of the total votes in pool A, and receives a Bribe reward of 10 ETH.
Bob accounts for 10% of the total votes in pool B, and receives a Bribe reward of 1 BTC.