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Omnichain LST-Fi


  • SyncSwap
SyncSwap is a highly efficient and seamless Decentralized Exchange (DEX) running on zkSync Era, Ethereum's ZK Rollup. Leveraging zero-knowledge technology, SyncSwap provides a user-friendly, low-cost DeFi experience with complete Ethereum-level security. The vision for SyncSwap is to create a comprehensive DeFi hub, delivering accessible DeFi solutions on a scalable Ethereum network. In collaboration with SyncSwap, we're unlocking new possibilities, such as cross-chain interfaces and mining opportunities, for LSDx and our community. Notably, this partnership brings $LSD to zkSync via SyncSwap Move, facilitating secure and easy transfers between Ethereum and zkSync, and paving the way for LSDx's future multi-chain expansion. Furthermore, we've launched a $LSD/$ETH pool on SyncSwap, providing our users an opportunity to earn additional returns as Liquidity Providers.
  • iZUMi Finance
iZUMi Finance is a multi-chain DeFi protocol offering a one-stop Liquidity as a Service (LaaS) solution. iZUMi's philosophy is that every token deserves efficient and enduring on-chain liquidity, aligning with their Japanese name “iZUMi,” symbolizing continuous and long-lasting spring water. In collaboration with iZUMi Finance, LSDx has joined the Ultra Evo, kicking off dual farming incentives with $LSD/$WETH, starting from June 8th. This partnership presents additional farming opportunities and rewards for our community, reinforcing LSDx's commitment to continuous growth and innovation.
  • Velocore
Velocore is the first ve(3,3) Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on zkSync, dedicated to rewarding users who provide liquidity. Built on the foundations of Solidly and Velodrome Finance, Velocore is an essential component of the zkSync era ecosystem. It plans to expand its services by launching a lending market and supporting other builders on the platform, fostering a comprehensive and dynamic DeFi ecosystem. This partnership will aid us in our mission to create a more fluid, comprehensive, and vibrant DeFi ecosystem. As we embrace Velocore's principles of decentralization, transparency, and community-driven innovation, we strive to enhance the financial landscape on zkSync, bringing our users closer to the future of decentralized finance.