LSDx Ecosystem

The LSDx ecosystem provides LST assets with minimal slippage swap via Stable Swap and sustainable yield through the DeFi economy.
ETHx allows users to mint with ETH, stETH, fraxETH, or rETH, offering minimal slippage exchange and yield for LST holders. It's designed to optimize the balance between liquidity, safety, interest, and DAO involvement.
LSDxSWAP is the first AMM featuring a mega pool, enabling fluid exchange of long-tail LST assets with low slippage by leveraging the capabilities of the Curve Automated Market Maker in the Base Pool. It is fully permissionless and based on an invariant curve.
LSDxUM is a decentralized lending protocol collateralized by ETHx, adding more capital efficiency and utility for LST holders. $ETHx is an LST ETH-pegged stablecoin. $UM is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar with an interest rate based on ETHx.
Gauge Pool
esLSD provides both an airdrop and voting weight for proposals and gauge weight voting, boosting liquidity for a wide range of LST assets through a tokenomic flywheel design.